Construction Equipment Repair

bucket loader scooping dirt

Freeland Equipment Services understands the need for your equipment to be working, so you can get working.

We offer priority service and repairs to our contractors and companies that rely on their machines to earn a living. We strive to stay ahead of the curve by offering comprehensive preventative maintenance. The nature of the beast is that equipment even under the best of circumstances may fail, when they do we will be there for you and your employees to get your machines up and running fast.

We offer onsite diagnostics and repairs. When a larger repair is needed that cannot be proformed in the field our shop is stocked with common wear parts to expedite repairs for machines that are currently on the job so they can be returned to service as soon as possible.

We fix hydraulic cylinders, electrical systems, fuel injection, carburation, injection pumps, hydraulic pumps and motors

We have onsite welding capabilities

We provide fully insured trucking and transport

We offer automated maintenance plans to fleets and larger companies